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Social & Environmental Responsibility

Concerns about the environment and the effects of economic activity on the planet are even more present in the public debate,  as well as in the development of regulations or in collective undertakings or in company strategy. Group Alpha’s regular contacts (elected representatives, unions, local authorities) are increasingly called upon to take direct account of these issues and to educate themselves in such matters.


Our knowledge and grasp of these issues cover three distinct areas:

  • Strictly Ecological (climate change, product life cycle…)
  • Economic (effects on a sector, production methods and consumer trends, changes in professions etc…)
  • Socio-political (the place and role of different players at different geographic levels)


The Centre for Planning and Research has studied these questions from a social angle:

  • an analysis of international management agreement
  • researching social reporting within large companies
  • the application of the law concerning New Economic Regulations


The Centre is developing its expertise in these areas through the skills and experience present within the Group. The idea of “responsibility” within business is being studied, considering environmental and social aspects as well as its growing boundaries.

Un an avec le Groupe Alpha c'est :

400 matinées-débat

7 300 participants

110 salons professionnels

420 000 visites sur les sites du groupe

12 000 abonnés sur les réseaux sociaux