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Work, employment, training

The type of work, conditions of employment, running of the job market, skills management, training and “job security” are subject to changing practices, government reforms and constant debate.
Therefore, the theme of “socially responsible employment policy” promulgated by Groupe Alpha applies to all these areas.


  • Professional training, in particular is a valuable tool for ensuring job security. It is becoming one of the key elements of the Pre-emptive Management of Jobs & Skills, which is still developing. Groupe Alpha’s commitment to this area, with the personal involvement of its President, Pierre Ferracci, in preparing the labour negotiations that took place in 2008 is being continued through the work of the Centre for Planning & Research.
    A study carried out in 2008 on behalf of the Centre for Strategic Studies, on areas of competitiveness and their role in training is one such example.
  • Pay policies and their evolution, together with macroeconomic concerns about the distribution of income are also the subject of careful analysis  


Two main topics will be developed in the coming years :

  • the relationship between labour relations, social dialogue and economic performance
  • tools and methods for French flexi-security


Un an avec le Groupe Alpha c'est :

400 matinées-débat

7 300 participants

110 salons professionnels

420 000 visites sur les sites du groupe

12 000 abonnés sur les réseaux sociaux