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Our areas of expertise

Groupe Alpha aims at answering your multiple needs.

Works Councils and Health & Safety Committees


Companies and local & regional authorities    

  • Economic, financial and social analysis
  • Anticipating and managing economic change
  • Supporting employee representatives during restructuring
  • Advice, appraisal and prevention for health, safety and environmental risks
  • Training and help for elected representatives
  • Reclassification and advice in Human Resources
  • Placing job applicants
  • Audit and accountancy (public bodies)
  • Local development (revitalization, planning, environment, economy, housing, public performance)

A  three-fold role :

  • To bring together the various economic and stakeholders, to facilitate the management of change in a socially responsible way, employment, qualifications and quality of life at work
  • To lead social dialogue (social partners, local authorities, the State, Europe)
  • To aid the economic, social and ecological development of public authorities

Un an avec le Groupe Alpha c'est :

250 sessions de formation

15 000 personnes accompagnées

5 sites Internet

450 000 visites sur les sites du groupe

30 000 abonnés sur les réseaux sociaux